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I call myself a medical skeptic.  Keeping a distance from doctors is generally a good choice; after all, they’re always around sick people!

Nonetheless, I was introduced to acupuncture at one of those times when the body goes astray.  In this case a very stiff neck that wouldn’t correct itself.  I had already made a self-diagnosis of brain cancer, pre-polio, or onset rheumatoid arthritis.  Dr. Herrin, however, suggested a two-step treatment of acupuncture in her comfortable and sterile office.  I had low expectations of success.

Much to my surprise, after the prescribed two sessions the problem vanished!  It has never returned.  I became a reluctant believer.

Since then I’ve had two more treatments that were equally successful.  One of them was for a common, but nasty cold that cleared up in a single day!  Had it not happened to me, I wouldn’t believe it either!Hats off to Dr. Herrin.  I still say don’t go to a hospital unless you’ve been hit by a truck, but I won’t hesitate to visit the Wellness Center again.

Bob Cooper, Wilton Manors, FL

Before I met Dr. Herrin, I was a smoker for almost 20 years. I’d tried to quit numerous times and the withdrawal symptoms had made it very difficult to quit. When I heard of Dr. Herrin’s acupuncture treatments, I thought I would give it a try.

I had my very last cigarette about 3 weeks into my treatment and in less than 3 weeks later, my cravings were gone. During the entire process, the withdrawal symptoms were much milder than when I had previously tried to quit which really made it easier! It’s now been over two years since I quit and my life is so much better. I have more energy, breathe better, have whiter teeth, and of course, no more smelling like an ash tray!

I would highly recommend Dr. Ashley–she was fantastic!

H.G. Wilton Manors, FL

I’m a retired physician with a long history of neck pain. I had been treated with anti-inflammatory and pain killers with only temporary relief and lots of digestive side effects.

After only a few weeks of Dr Herrin working on my neck, the results were amazing. Not only 85% of the pain was gone, but I had regain mobility that I had lost 30 years ago. After just 6 treatments, the pain was completely gone and I’m still pain free long after the sessions have ended. Dr Herrin’s high competence in Oriental Medicine also impacted on my level of stamina and general well being. I feel energized, centered and more relaxed thanks to her whole patient care approach. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic conditions or just want to improve their level of energy.

Nathalie Campeau, MD Lake Worth, FL

When I first started seeing Dr Ashley, I was experiencing chest pain, nausea, loss of appetite, bitter taste in my mouth, weight loss and burping. At the time I was taking Prevacid to treat the symptoms and watching everything that I ate.

When I went for acupuncture treatments with Dr. Ashley, she also suggested natural supplements to heal my digestive tract, rather than just treat the symptoms. Within three days after the first acupuncture treatment and natural supplements, I was off of the Prevacid and I found my symptoms were gone. Most foods now are not upsetting my digestive system. Dr. Ashley’s treatment has been much more effective and beneficial, than my previous course of action.

J.B., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Acupuncture is something I was always eager to learn about but afraid to experience. That all changed when I entrusted my care to the talented and compassionate Dr. Ashley Herrin. During my initial consultation, she took the time to listen attentively to my concerns as well as clearly explain her acupuncture technique. After my consultation with Dr. Ashley, I felt reassured that I was placing my wellbeing in the hands of a genuine healer.

I could not believe how much better I felt after Dr. Ashley so carefully and strategically placed those little needles into my skin. I went from tense and tired to relaxed and rejuvenated. As a result, I am encouraged to become a healthier and more balanced person. As my sessions progress, I am even beginning to sleep better!

J.T. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Dr. Ashley,

Thank you for your care for our baby over the past 2 years. I credit the acupuncture sessions for getting my body ready for pregnancy as well as maintaining a healthy pregnancy.  We are thrilled to have out baby boy in our loves and feel very blessed. Thanks again for your healing touch and your nurturing care.

Andrea and Scott, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Before I started seeing Dr. Ashley I was experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, swelling in hands and feet, digestive problems, and severe menstrual cramps. I felt defeated and a bit down about it all. I didn’t have the energy to do the things I used to, to enjoy life as I once had.

But after my first treatment with Dr. Ashley, I immediately felt more at peace in my body, relaxed and calm. The digestive problems and menstrual cramps subsided and left after just one treatment! After seeing Dr. Ashley on a regular basis, I sleep better and my hot flashes have significantly decreased and the night sweats are totally gone. In general I feel great and I enjoy the things I used to. My energy level is better too! I feel a sense of relief, and I am so grateful for Dr. Ashley’s help in getting to the root of the problem. Acupuncture has been one of the greatest healing modalities I have found. A wonderful gentle natural way to heal! Dr. Ashley has helped me in so many ways. She is truly a gifted healer.

D.S. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to see Dr. Ashley because I felt extremely stressed and out of balance. Much to my surprise, just one Toyohari acupuncture treatment with Dr Ashley had a profound and noticeable effect. I felt as though the reset buttons for both my mind and the systems of my body had been activated and accumulated stress and tension had been instantaneously released from my body. The sense of mental calm and inner stillness I felt is indescribable.

My energy felt peaceful instead of chaotic. My mind was quiet and my thinking very clear. What a difference! Since then I have had many more of these magical Toyohari acupuncture treatments. I have concluded that anyone who is stressed or anxious really needs to have weekly treatments with Dr Ashley to undo the tensions created by daily life. This will help to avoid the build up of stress in the cells of the body and minimize the risk of stress-related chronic health conditions. Be sure to ask Dr. Ashley about her magical treatment sequence for stress and anxiety!

Laura, Certified Yoga Instructor

While I am a big believer in the body-mind connection, I am not a big fan of needles, so I always steered clear of acupuncture. When all else failed, I tried it and – no pun intended – I was hooked. The needles do not hurt and the results are amazing. I have used acupuncture to treat many different physical issues. Perhaps the most astounding was when I was experiencing chest pains. I went to the hospital for all kinds of tests that revealed no problem, but also gave me no relief. I visited Dr. Herrin and with just ONE treatment, the pain was gone – never to return. She has also relieved me of sciatica and treated an old injury (broken ankle) and got me back in heels after just one treatment. A big plus, is the sense of relaxation that comes over me after the needles have been inserted. It’s an instant mini-vacation. I highly recommend Dr. Herrin.

P.F., Wilton Manors, FL

When my 10 year old son, Matthew, first started seeing Dr Ashley, he had the following symptoms; cough, stuffy nose, headaches, earaches, problem breathing and fatigue. He could not sleep because of the shortness of breath. He would wake up very tired in the morning often times with headaches. He also had clogged ears and was taking steroids and nebulizers for asthma.

After seeing Dr. Ashley for a few acupuncture treatments, Matthew’s life did a 360 degree change. Now he is sleeping better, wakes up with more energy and is free of the cough and headaches. He also does not get sick a lot with colds like he used to.

I’m happy that Matthew doesn’t have to take steroids any longer. He had a lot of side effects and they were very expensive. Dr. Ashley guided me to the right way prescribing natural herbs and acupuncture. Dr Ashley also did nutritional counseling with us which made a big difference. I am so grateful that Dr. Ashley showed me a more natural treatment for asthma. I just want to say, Dr. Ashley, thank you so very much for coming into our lives. There are no words to say, how thankful I am to you.

R.A., Deerfield Beach, FL